Distinctive Floorplans

The Garage Lofts features 16 residential units across 20,000 sq/ft of space along with an additional 20,000 sq/ft of commercial space. With purposeful floorplans and upscale features the units offer ease in amenities for its residents.

Units Leased: 16 of 16

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Photo of Interior
Photo of Interior

Loft Features

  • Purposeful floorplans
  • 11-17’ ceilings with exposed structure and ductwork
  • Designer kitchens with concrete countertops and islands
  • Large windows
  • Washer & dryer in unit
  • Stainless steel appliances including built in microwave
  • Designer lighting package
  • USB wall ports
  • Smart lock controlled access
  • Reserved parking space in onside lot

Community Features

  • Rooftop deck with striking views of Lookout Mtn
  • Rooftop community herb garden
  • 83 onsite parking lot
  • Interior courtyard with fountain
  • Smart lock controlled access building entry
1,446 SQ/FT - Apt 1A

Bruin — 2BD/2BA Loft

Leased Photo of 1A Floorplan
1,390 SQ/FT - Apt 1B

Impala — 2BD/2BA Loft

Leased Photo of 1B Floorplan
1,390 SQ/FT - Apt 1C

Corvair — 2BD/2BA Loft

Leased Photo of 1C Floorplan
1,390 SQ/FT - Apt 1D

Bison — 2BD/2BA Loft

Leased Photo of 1D Floorplan
1,390 SQ/FT - Apt 1E

Viking — 2BD/2BA Loft

Leased Photo of 1E Floorplan
1,164 SQ/FT - Apt 1F

Nova — 2BD/2BA Loft

Leased Photo of 1F Floorplan
682 SQ/FT - Apt 1G

Lakewood — 1BD/1BA Loft

Leased Photo of 1G Floorplan
682 SQ/FT - Apt 1H

Mercury — 1BD/1BA Loft

Leased Photo of 1H Floorplan
682 SQ/FT - Apt 1J

Parkwood — 1BD/1BA Loft

Leased Photo of 1J Floorplan
682 SQ/FT - Apt 1K

Vega — 1BD/1BA Loft

Leased Photo of 1K Floorplan
865 SQ/FT - Apt 1L

Nomad — 1BD/1BA Loft

Leased Photo of 1L Floorplan
1,152 SQ/FT - Apt 2A

Apache — 2BD/2BA

Leased Photo of 2A Floorplan
1,205 SQ/FT - Apt 2B

Commodore — 2BD/2BA

Leased Photo of 2B Floorplan
1,234 SQ/FT - Apt 2C

Eagle — 2BD/2BA

Leased Photo of 2C Floorplan
1,143 SQ/FT - Apt 2D

Bel Air — 2BD/2BA

Leased Photo of 2D Floorplan
1,255 SQ/FT - Apt 2E

Chevelle — 2BD/2BA

Leased Photo of 2E Floorplan
Photo of Interior
Model Unit Interior
Model Unit Interior
"As the owner and builder of the Garage Lofts, I am excited to offer Chattanooga loft-style living comparable to what could be found in Chicago or Brooklyn. Our design team has sweated over every detail. All cabinetry is handcrafted locally with concrete countertops. The concrete on the ground floors have been ground down and polished to a Terrazzo style finish, and we’ve built custom-made steel staircases to the upstairs living spaces. The light fixtures are high-end, and each kitchen is equipped with a built-in music system that will work with your iPhone or other mobile device. In short, our goal is to attract those who share an appreciation for well-thought-through designs and furnishings, and who want more out of their living space."
— John Straussberger (Owner/Builder)

Units Leased: 16 of 16